Sale di Cervia

To the discovery of Cervia’s sweet salt

Cervia is an ancient sea village, whose name has long been tied to a precious product, sweet salt, which is whole-meal and harvested with traditional methods that make it stand out.

How can salt ever be sweet?

Between tradition and modernity

Why is Cervia’s salt sweet? Its unique flavor stems from the places, in which it is harvested, the passion of the people who devote themselves to this activity and a tradition lost in time. Cervia’s salt is a whole-meal marine salt: it stems from sea water, which through a channel system is conveyed into and outside sea flats. Once harvested, it is washed with water mother and left to dry in heaps, which you can see when travelling to Cervia. Salt is not whitened and keeps all its natural nuances, from pink to gray… If you wish to know more, you can sightsee the salt flats, on foot or by boat: they provide a unique environment, into which you can delve between the reflections of the sky on the water mirrors and discover a charming tradition.

Camillone Salt Flat

Here, tradition and modernity merge: salt is picked by hand and it is the only good obtained from the handicraft method of multiple harvest. The whole-meal and gross-grain product is a Slow-Food Presidium.  


The Salt Museum, born thanks to the passion of some salt miners, is a reference point for the connoisseurs of the ancient Cervia tradition. It is set up precisely inside the old stores, looking out to the Porto Canale.

Cervia’s Porto Canale

It was once the outlet of the salt flats; hence, downtown there are the Salt Stores and the Tower of San Michele: to keep the precious item. Today this area is the liveliest in town, with loads of pubs and shops.

An itinerary among the places of salt

Those who wish to discover why Cervia’s salt is so unique cannot help start from the Sea flat, which you can visit on foot or by electric boat. Here you can listen to the explanation of the different production stages, but also experience the charm of an enchanting natural environment, above all at dusk. You can get amazed by the sea heaps left to dry, or the colonies of pink flamingoes… While downtown Cervia, along the Porto Canale, you will find the Museum of Salt: carved from the ancient stores, it wll take you through a fascinating path over history.

Salt and wellness

Salt is rich at beneficial elements, not only for those who use it to season food…. With Cervia’s sweet salt creams, soaps and scrubs for body care are produced, based on the osmotic properties of whole-meal marine salt.

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